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Apel / Planet Dalam Lukisan Tian Mangzi
published in Michelle Chin, 16 Apel Tian Mangzi. Surabaya: Emmitan Fine Art Gallery, 2006

Tian Mangzi’s Apples / Planets
published in Michelle Chin, 16 Apel Tian Mangzi. Surabaya: Emmitan Fine Art Gallery, 2006

Percakapan dengan Yunizar

published in Michelle Chin, Coretan Rasa Yunizar. Surabaya: Emmitan Fine Art Gallery, 2006

Earl Lu @ 80: Beyond the Golden Mean
essay for exhibition catalogue Earl Lu @ 80: Beyond the Golden Mean, exhibition held at Art Forum, Singapore, September 2005
[versi Bahasa Indonesia]

Inside Out, Ruang per Ruang / Space by Space… in my home
Latitudes magazine, Feb 2005 issue

Spaced Out in Jogja
Jakarta Kini, Feb 2005 issue

Spaced Out in Jogja
Garuda Inflight Magazine, Jan 2005 issue

Inside Out : ruangperruang . . . . . in my home
for exhibition catalogue Inside Out: Ruang per Ruang #2, exhibition held at Rumah Michelle Chin, Yogyakarta, 2004

BALI, paradise created
essay for exhibition catalogue Bali Temptation at Galeri Langgeng, Magelang, June 2004
[versi Bahasa Indonesia]

Dr Oei Hong Djien: An Addiction to Art
Garuda Inflight Magazine, June 2004
[versi Bahasa Indonesia]

Travelling with Artists in the Northern Territory, Australia
Garuda Inflight Magazine, May 2004
[versi Bahasa Indonesia]

Art Galleries in Bali: Focus on Contemporary Art
Garuda Inflight Magazine, April 2004
[versi Bahasa Indonesia]

Bali & Jogja – Ruang & Waktu
for exhibition catalogue: Danu, Arnata, Santiyasa – Dari Dalam Diri, exhibition held at Art Centre, Bali in August 2003
[versi Bahasa Indonesia]

Discovering the Big Picture of Asian Art
preface to book: Understanding Contemporary Southeast Asian Art (Singapore: Art Forum, 2003)
[versi Bahasa Indonesia]

Radical Shit in Jogja: Expect the Unexpected
forthcoming, Latitudes magazine
[versi Bahasa Indonesia]

Impressions of Indonesia
Foreword for exhibition catalogue," The Impressionists", organised by Garisart, Jakarta, 2003
[versi Bahasa Indonesia]

Pulling out all the Stops in Singapore, Global City for the Arts
forthcoming, Mercantile World, September/October 2002

[versi Bahasa Indonesia]

Saturday Nite in Bali
Latitudes, Vol. 20, September 2002

Apotik Komik are Going to Paint the Town Red and blue and green and brown
and yellow and black and white and . . . .

Latitudes, Vol. 20, September 2002

Indonesian Art Hits the Circuit at the Singapore, Jakarta and Hong Kong auctions
Island Life, No. 11, 2002

Form and Nothingness
exhibition catalogue, AIDA by Peter Dittmar,Wetterling Teo Gallery, Singapore, September 2002

Close Encounters of the Third Kind in Jogjakarta
Latitudes, Vol. 18, July 2002

Balinese Paintings in the Big Picture of Asian Art
Bali Echo, June-July 2002

Lempuyang Community of Fine Arts: Group activity at its Best
* exhibition catalogue, "Irama Kesadaran" by Kelompok Lempuyang, exhibition held at Art Centre, Denpasar, Bali, May 2002

Art or Home Furnishings?
Latitudes, Vol. 12, January 2002

Contemporary Art in Jogja: Art Houses, Galleries and Street Art
Island Life, No. 7, 2001

Bali in Film: From the Documentary Films of Sanghyang and Kecak Dance (1926) to Bali Hai in Hollywood's South Pacific (1958)
Bali Echo, August/September 2001

Paul Husner's Bali
Jakarta Kini, July 2001

Art Galleries in Bali - Focus on Contemporary Art
Island Life, No. 6, 2001

Ni Ketut Cenik: Legendary Dancer of Bali
Bali Echo, April/May, 2001

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