I Made Widya Putra (Lampung)

Born 1981 in Lampung, he is currently studying sculpture in the Faculty of Fine Art, ISI / Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta. He has participated in group exhibitions in Yogyakarta and Bali.

artworks by Made Widya Diputra (lampung)

Lampung's artwork in the Proyek Ruang per Ruang / Space by Space Project


Group Exhibitions

15cm3 @ Parkir Space, Yogyakarta
Makan Seni Rupa, Rumah Michelle Chin, Yogyakarta
Pameran Gelas + Cangkir, Parkir Space, Yogyakarta

Ruang per Ruang #2: Inside-Out, Michelle Chin's house, Yogyakarta

"Tiga Dimensi", Bale Rupa Sanggar Dewata Indonesia, Yogyakarta
Sanggar Dewata Indonesia, Museum Neka, Bali

Sanggar Dewata Indonesia, Gedung Pameran Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta

Dies Natalis ISI Yogyakarta