Made Budhiana

"I am inspired by the natural environment: clouds in the sky, mountains, green forest in the distance, the silence and strength of coral and cliff. I feel that they conceal their own personal magnetism. If I integrate the reality of nature with my senses, I can feel the hidden strength on the other side. A power which pulls at my consciousness, and climaxes in a feeling of peacefulness."

According to Made Budhiana the realisation of the Hindu concept of the cycle of life is the tool he has used to develop his inner strength and the ability to express his own individualism in a society dominated by acceptance of the status quo. He is a self-declared freedom fighter determined to strike out on his own path of liberation.

This wild streak is seen in both his unique style and the very material on which he expresses himself including scrap paper, used sandals, discarded wooden objects and even bits and pieces of old string. His use of space is completely unpredictable, sometimes he may leave none of the space untouched, and sometimes he will come up with a piece that is very sparsely composed. All of his works reflect great strength of spirit and what has become known as Budhiana's "divine lines".

Budhiana is a painter who has let his imagination run wild, he can readily capture whatever is around him at any given moment.  He doesn't need to await a certain time of day, or to be in a certain space to paint.  For Budhiana, beauty shows itself at all times and all places.  That is why it is not uncommon for him to paint in busy places with lots of people milling around, such as at the market, on the beach, on city streets, or in the midst of a crowded temple ceremony.  "I respond to all kinds of situations and that is part of my creative process, which is kind of theatrical in nature", says Budhiana.


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