Ugo Untoro: Indonesian artist, born in 1970, graduate of Indonesian
Institute of Arts, Yogya, Indonesia. Known as one of the first and probably
the best of art doll-makers, the usually sulky Javanese rose from haphazard
noticeability to fixed nationwide prominence with his rag sculptural works
and oil on canvas paintings exhibited by Nadi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Deep, original, and fun; sometimes bordering on being lyrical, sometimes
unmistakably poetic -- that's how Ugo's drawings, sketches, oil on canvas
paintings, dolls and stuff and ideas in general have commonly been viewed
as, and I personally agree with them unless I don't. One of the steadfast
quartette of 'golden boys' gallery owner Biantoro Santoso loves most for a
variety of reasonable reasons (among which are they are good, and it doesn't
hurt that they factually sell), today sees Untoro freer in creating whatever
his adrenaline finds fit -- the consequence of yesteryears' hard work. He is
now one of the relatively successful younger artists since last century.