Konsep Karya / Artist's Statement

Corat Coret, Saya Melukis
Salah benar, sukar pilih
Bebas rahasia, pikir dulu
Lobang banyak, jalan panjang,
Kosong berisi

"I sketch and draw and paint,
thinking about what is right and what is wrong.
It’s hard to choose a subject, and I don’t want to keep any secrets.
So, I think and ponder a lot.
There are so many choices.
It’s a long journey until I finally reach a suitable solution,
and find that in the void there is content."

Dewa Putu Mokoh was born in the village of Pengosekan in 1933. He studied wayang style painting with his uncles I Gusti Ketut Kobot and I Gusti Made Baret, both of whom were central figures in the Pita Maha artists’ association. He has participated in group exhibitions in Australia, USA, Japan, Finland, Holland, Denmark, Germany and Italy. Mokoh exhibited at the Venice Biennial in a two-man exhibition with Mondo in 1993, and he had a solo exhibition at the Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan in 1995.

The artist has been painting all his life, and is only recently gaining the recognition he deserves. Mokoh's work is often characterised by family scenes with children playing. His work breathes intimacy, sensuality and a yearning for the days of childhood, often with a humorous element. Some motifs please him so much that he likes to repeat them, such as the hand appearing from behind the curtains to pinch a nipple between its thumb and forefinger. Mokoh's paintings depict ordinary, everyday events, which he transforms into the extraordinary.